Final Creative Habit Update: The Big One!!!

For this final post, I have decided to compile together my own personal creative habit: IN CLASS DOODLES!! Throughout the semester, I’ve drawn things that just pop into my head in order to practice during classes, including this one. From random body parts, to getting more facial expressions down, these are definitely drawings that I can say I’m proud of for the most part as they truly show my progress in developing my style using only graphite pencil.Bakugo_ink102

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Creative Habit Update 3

With regards to Bill Cunningham’s Hollywood, his love of clothing, pictures and fashion is more than just a habit. He is very passionate about what he does to the point where it’s like a religion to him. He takes every detail into consideration with the shots, outfits and photos, and arranges them in a very specific order. This is his art, and he is an artist behind the camera. This is relatable to our studies here at CCAD, but we also strive to enjoy life as well as craft, sketch, and shoot. So, if anything, the message I got was to be passionate about what you want, but don’t let it consume your life.

As far as my creative habit goes, this week I decided to focus on legs. I ended up going with my own knowledge of legs and what they would look like in different positions and attempted to experiment with different sides as well.



Creative Habit Update 1

For the first study, I chose to tackle a very difficult subject for artists: Hands! Using my own hands as a reference, I drew various open and  poses, including my hand holding a cell phone.img017 (1)


I also took to the library to find books on gesture drawings and body parts. Using them as references, I drew some basic poses as well as a basic body using the shapes in the book.Creative Habit

Capstone Project Final Update

Well, we did it! We may have ran into some obstacles along the way, but overall, our project is finished. It was definitely fun to film and engage in this project given the premise, and overall the  execution went along very smoothly. Over this week we got some interviews from important members on the project itself, and they even said that they enjoyed the project.

Capstone Project Update 3

This past Tuesday was definitely a day of productivity. Not only were we able to shoot the “Blair Witch Project” style footage of finding the Fauxprah tapes, but we were also able to shoot interviews of various people who attended the show as well as SharpSounds’ leader, Dick Sharp.


Finding The Tapes:


Various Victims:


Dick Sharp:




Capstone Project Update 2

A lot has happened in terms of the project’s progression. We’ve shot the crowd reactions to the headphones as well as the Fauxprah giveaway speech on Sunday, and on Tuesday, we began shooting and recording our infomercial, with yours truly as the cheesy voice-over. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a rough pass in the form of a need to re-shoot the Fauxprah giveaway speech and change the overall theme of the project.

Project 2 Update

After much thought, I have an idea pertaining to music. Our group could possibly perform a flash mob to different genres of music. From Rock, to Rap, to possibly Dubstep, our group could perform a dance routine in order to prove that any genre can be danced to.